Oatcakes Vs Pancakes

Contrary to popular belief pancakes and oatcakes actually don’t have that many similarities, now we may be biased because we think the Derbyshire Oatcake is superior in many ways and we’ve produced this blog to tell you exactly why.

The ingredients

Both Oatcakes and pancakes contain fairly basic ingredients meaning they are quick and easy to make, however, there are some key differences. Derbyshire Oatcakes don’t contain eggs or milk meaning they are completely vegan.


The ingredients in pancakes are:

  • Plain flour
  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • Milk

The ingredients in an oatcake are:

  • Oatmeal
  • Plain Flour
  • Dried Yeast
  • Salt
  • Water

How they’re made

The process of making pancakes and oatcakes is quite different, pancakes are quick to make whereas oatcakes require more attention, which is exactly why we love making them and why our customers love eating them. We have been perfecting our Derbyshire Oatcakes since 1949 and our recipe has been handed down through 3 generations of bakers.


Pancakes can easily be made at home by whisking together flour, eggs, milk and salt in a large bowl. Once the ingredients are mixed together you will need to add the batter to a hot oiled pan and cook for approximately one minute on each side.


The process of making a batch of Derbyshire Oatcake is a long, yet rewarding one. Six hours before the baking process even begins, the oatmeal, yeast and water are combined and left to activate. The flour, salt and sugar are then added and carefully mixed to create the silky-smooth oatcake batter. Next, we add our secret ingredient (unfortunately we can’t share this one because then our oatcakes wouldn’t be quite as special) and this is when the magic happens.

The thing we love the most about our oatcakes is that they don’t contain any dairy or animal derivatives meaning they are 100% vegetarian and suitable for vegans. If you haven’t checked out one of our recent blogs about our favourite vegan toppings for our oatcakes then you definitely should!


Pancakes and oatcakes can both be eaten as a sweet or savoury snack and we’re yet to find a topping that doesn’t go well on our oatcakes!


Pancakes are most commonly eaten as a dessert and topped with sugar and lemon or berries. However, they can also be topped with ingredients such as ham and cheese and enjoyed as a savoury snack.


The thing we love most about our oatcakes Is how versatile they are, they can be made sweet or savoury and they’re 100% vegan. The humble oatcake can be grilled or fried and is traditionally served as an additional element to a full English breakfast. However, another popular way to eat them is buttered or filled with melted cheese.

More unconventional but equally tasty ways to consume our oatcakes is by topping them with tomato sauce, cheese and toppings and eaten like a pizza or replacing pasta sheets with oatcakes and creating this best lasagne Derbyshire has ever seen.

Overall, we have to admit that both pancakes and oatcakes are great snacks. However, our Derbyshire Oatcakes definitely have the edge due to their versatility, nutritional value and because they are 100% vegan. We love to see our customers enjoying our oatcakes and we love to see the wide variety of toppings that are used, we’re yet to see an oatcake combo that doesn’t look delicious! If you’ve been left feeling hungry, pick up some oatcakes from your local deli or bakery and share a snap on Instagram.