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Pancakes Vs Oatcakes
What is the difference between Oatcakes and Pancakes
16th September 2021

Oatcakes Vs Pancakes Contrary to popular belief pancakes and oatcakes actually don’t have that many similarities, now we may be biased…

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Buxton - Oatcake Stockists Blog
Buxton’s Best Spots for Derbyshire Oatcakes
2nd September 2021

Our Derbyshire Oatcakes have grown in popularity over the years and Buxton is one of our favourite places to get them….

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Scottish Oatcakes with Salmon
The Different types of Oatcakes Explained
20th August 2021

We love talking about our oatcakes, but one question we often get is ‘what makes a Derbyshire oatcake different from other…

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Vegan Ingredients Derbyshire Oatcakes
Our top 10 vegan recipes for Derbyshire Oatcakes
6th August 2021

Vegan recipes & Derbyshire Oatcakes…we may have mentioned this before, but the thing we love most about our Derbyshire Oatcakes is…

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Derbyshire Oatcakes Shelf Life
Everything you need to know about the Derbyshire Oatcake
22nd July 2021

You may have found yourself here because you’d previously never heard of the popular Derbyshire snack or you might be an…

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Bakewell Tart
The Best Foods Invented in the Peak District
28th June 2021

It might not be the foods invented in the Peak District that you first think of when the region comes to…

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Derbyshire oatcake ready to serve
Buxton Tea Rooms and French style oatcakes
9th October 2017

Prepared for breakfast, a light lunch, an evening meal, or even supper. Oatcakes can be eaten as part of any meal….

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Nadiyas British Food Adventure Derby
Nadiya’s British Food Adventure
9th October 2017

Our Oatcakes were featured on the BBC Nadiya’s British Food Adventure : Series 1 The lovely Nadiya came to visit us…

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